de Lacy Chronicles


Getting published is every writer’s dream. It’s what keeps us creating stories and poems and what keeps us going creatively, even when we feel nobody may ever read what we’ve written.

Used to be that agents and publishers were the gatekeepers but that’s not the case these days because the digital age has made it an achievable dream for  many. Of course, that’s not to say it’s easy to become an indie author – there are so many options that it can be daunting and confusing. Where do you start?

The creative writing group at Kinsley were lucky to have help at hand in the person of indie author and local entrepreneur, Roy Lacy. His book, de Lacy Chronicles, has just been published on Amazon priced at a very reasonable  £6.99. It’s a fascinating look at history through the eyes of the de Lacy family.

Roy took us through the whole process of publishing on Createspace from writing through to editing, proofreading, selecting a title, creating a cover and then marketing the book.

As he said himself, there is nothing  better than holding your own book in your hands, unless it’s seeing somebody reading it.





One thought on “de Lacy Chronicles

  1. Fantastic, hope it inspires some of the students to give it a go. The digitial world really does present a whole world of opportunity.

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