Writer Susan McCartney is becoming something of a local celebrity with her feisty poetry performances. And here she is with copies of her books containing her poetry and stories – many of them written in the Creative Writing course at Kinsley and Fitzwilliam.

Can you believe that before attending the course she had never written any poetry at all!

Go, Susan!!



Confidence Through Singing

We are running a two page ad in the Community Care Guide which goes around Yorkshire. I suggested we use one of our amazing stories on one the second pages. I had a read through all of them and in my opinion Deirdre’s story was the most amazing. If you haven’t read it, heres the link….

I needed a photograph of Deirdre for the ad so I got in contact with a colleague who knows her. I was informed she attends our Confidence Through Singing course in Sheffield, so I arranged to go along with my camera. I entered the sizeable Community centre and into the class room where I was met with a familiar warmth.

Kay (Teacher) started the class with a series of warm ups, while I set up my camera and took my shoes off (so I wouldn’t be heard when moving around). Now warmed up and raring to go the class started with ‘I am a river’ which is the song from the video. The sound resonating around the room was beautiful and instantly made my day.

This was the last class of the term and it was evident that during the 12 weeks that this group of random people had found solace within themselves and each other. If I hadn’t been told the title of the class I would have just thought it was a singing class. Confidence didn’t seem to be an issue with anyone or was it just that they felt at peace when singing? Whatever the answer, it was clear that singing has given them a new voice, a new way to express themselves, a new them.

I feel privileged to be able to do this as a job and it gave me another insight into the amazing work the WEA do.